City of Baseball is a one-hour documentary that explores both the past and the present of the Italian baseball league. Through interviews with the league’s former and current players, fans and historians, City of Baseball captures the story of how the allied invasion of Italy in 1943/4 left behind the all-American pastime to a country which has embraced the sport with enthusiasm.

The production crew was given all-access to the 2002 team of Nettuno, a small resort town on the Tyrrhenian Coast, one hour south of Rome. Nettuno and Anzio were the towns that sustained the January 1944 allied landing, the precursor to the capture of Rome by the Allies the following May. A permanent American military cemetery was built in Nettuno following the liberation of Italy, and the tradition of baseball was handed down to locals who learned the sport from the occupying troops.

Today, Nettuno is well-known as a summer destination for tourists, for its seafood, and for its fifty-year tradition of fielding Italy’s most successful baseball teams.

City of Baseball has been selected at the 2007 Florida, Garden State, Indianapolis, Newport Beach and Salento Film Festivals.

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