John BorgonovoJohn Borgonovo (producer) was raised in an Italian-American neighborhood in San Francisco that produced many player exports to the Italian Baseball league. He has written, hosted, and produced radio programs in Ireland, Korea, and the United States. His documentary “Michael Collins Today and Tomorrow” was aired on public radio stations throughout Ireland. As a freelance journalist, his articles have appeared in such diverse publications as the San Francisco Chronicle and the Swiss Journal. He has a BA and MA in history, the latter from the National University of Ireland, and has been a guest lecturer at The New College of California. A second-generation Italian-American, Mr. Borgonovo retains a special affection for his mother’s spaghetti carbonara.

Dave CiaccioDave Ciaccio (editor) most recently edited the award-winning documentary, Up For Grabs, which chronicles the fight for the possession of Barry Bonds’ record 73rd home run baseball. Originally from Kankakee, Illinois, Mr. Ciaccio has been a free-lance video editor and graphic designer since he walked away from a high-paying, mind-numbing computer programming job in 2001. With very little knowledge of Italian before entering the editing room for City of Baseball, Signore Ciaccio now requests that his water be served “con gas” and answers his phone with “Pronto!”

Geoffrey DouvilleGeoffrey J. Douville (camera) is a native of New Orleans and has worked professionally as a producer, director, writer, cinematographer, videographer, and editor on numerous national, regional, and local video and film projects. He is currently directing a video promoting the New Orleans Crafts Guild, and recently completed cinematographer duties on Employee Dang, a 35mm short. He teaches media production to the youth of New Orleans at the New Orleans Video Access Center, and has been a guest instructor at the prestigious New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. Following in the footsteps of great-uncle Frank Federico, the renowned Italian-American musician (Louis Prima’s original guitarist), Mr. Douville is a composer and guitarist with the award-winning “Egg Yolk Jubilee Music Band.”

Christopher P. RalphChristopher P. Ralph (director/producer) also hails from the city of San Francisco. Mr. Ralph served as producer and editor of In This House, On This Morning, a live Wynton Marsalis concert shot in Oakland, California. He most recently served as videographer and associate producer on the feature-length documentary, A Player to be Named Later, which chronicled a season of the Indianapolis Indians, the AAA minor league baseball affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. Mr. Ralph studied Film and Telecommunications at the University of Oregon, and was awarded a grant to study at the Motion Picture Department of the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Although allegedly without Italian heritage, Mr. Ralph still enjoys gnocchi regularly on Thursdays. City of Baseball is his directorial debut.